Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Supreme Court Oral Arguments - Links

Post will be updated as more coverage is released.

Official Information from the Supreme Court - includes mp3 of today's oral arguments

Press Release from Missouri Midwife Supporters - .pdf file

Videos -
6:42 long video of interviews with Sen. Loudon and Mary Ueland

News Articles -
Missourinet 3/5/08 - includes the above linked video - original article
KWMU 3/5/08 - original article
The following three links are to the same text article, with different videos on each page:
Kiefer Family
Mary Ueland
Senator Loudon

Columbia Missourian 3/5/08 - AP article - needs comments!
Joplin Globe - 3/5/08 - AP article - start a discussion!
SE Missourian 3/5/08 - AP article - needs comments!
St Louis Examiner 3/5/08 - AP article - needs comments!
St. Louis Post Dispatch 3/5/08 - brief of AP article

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Carrie said...

Are there any updates for the Legislation that is currently in the senate?