Monday, March 3, 2008

Great column in the Columbia Tribune

Posted by permission of the fabulous Kolbi Doyle:

Law should allow midwives to practice home births
Sunday, March 2, 2008

Editor, the Tribune: My hospital birth was not a horrible experience, but afterward I began researching childbirth, childbirth providers and locations. At the University of Missouri library, I scoured the medical journals for all comparisons of obstetricians, family practice doctors and midwives. I found no studies that show outcomes to be unfavorable when using a midwife in a planned home birth.

Through word of mouth and a lot of legwork, I eventually found two midwives. One was a Mennonite who was not comfortable coming out of her community. The other was a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) who was one of two at the time working legally in the state - now there is one. My husband and I both liked the midwife and her philosophy of pregnancy and childbirth. The birth of my second child at home was an amazing, empowering and relaxed experience.

I later learned about the Certified Professional Midwives certification. The educational requirements are as thorough as the CNM requirements, and the apprenticeship requirements are above and beyond what is expected of CNMs.

My insurance company would have allowed me to deliver in a hospital for one $10 copay but would not cover my midwife. I had no choice but to pay $3,000 out of pocket. It was worth every penny.

There is no scientific or moral reason not to allow these highly skilled midwives to practice in Missouri and for our insurance companies to cover the superior care they provide.

Kolbi Doyle

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