Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 12 Reasons to Come to Cookie Day 2010

12) It’s fun (spreading goodwill always is).

11) Your legislator will never forget your delicious cookies. More importantly, though, he or she will never forget the positive message that came with them!

10) Because our opposition at the Capitol is as active as ever. They’ll be watching us closely. The more midwifery supporters in the building, the more they quake in their boots! (or their alligator-skin Gucci shoes, as Senator Crowell would say)

9) So the media will notice how many of us there are!

8) To educate new legislators about midwifery rights.

7) To thank the legislators who have supported us through thick and thin. If it weren’t for them, midwives would still be felons.

6) To remind the legislators who oppose us that we’re still here, and we’re not going away!

5) Because if you don’t, the Missouri legislature might make the mistake of thinking of that you have forgotten and aren’t watching them anymore.

4) Because your legislator won’t know how much you care until you take the time to drive to the Capitol and meet with them in their office.

3) Because the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Your visit might be the one thing that keeps a legislator on board!

2) To hang out and enjoy a pizza lunch with lots of cool homebirth families from around Missouri.

1) Because it’s only one day out of the whole year, and is that too much to ask? How much did your midwife risk to serve you?

See you there?

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