Monday, January 7, 2008

The First Day of the 2008 Legislative Session!

Wednesday, January 9, is the first day of the 2008 Legislative Session at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. The legislators will return to the Capitol to begin working on a whole bevy of ideas and bills.

For the legislators, the first day of session is not really much of a work day. It's usually a day to catch up with all of their friends that they haven't seen since May when the last legislative session ended. It's a time to greet new friends, to bring family and friends to the Capitol for a tour or a party, to listen to speeches given by the Leadership of the legislative bodies about all of the great things that everyone hopes to accomplish, and to enjoy the day. They will head home on Thursday.

The first day of session is not a good day to lobby legislators, except by making your presence known in a friendly "welcome back!" way. Of course, small talk in the halls and elevators leads to questions about what is going to happen with midwifery this year, and perhaps an opinion offered about the way people are feeling about the issue. It's a good day to be at the Capitol, if you're good at just listening, smiling, and offering friendly hello's to everyone you see. If you want to come on a day when you can actual make appointments to see legislators to talk to them about midwifery, next week would be much better - especially Tuesday or Wednesday.

Next Week: The legislators will be in session at the Capitol next week from Monday afternoon through Thursday morning. They will have extra free time to talk to constituents about issues and bills as their days will not yet be full of committee hearings, votes, and all the craziness and business that accompanies session later in the year as hundreds of bills are moving.

If you can schedule a day or two to come help us educate legislators at the capitol, or would like to help in some other way, please email me at:
better_birth {at} yahoo {dot} com, or call me at: 417-543-4258.

Your voice can and will make a difference! Use it to change your world!

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